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bad actors attack SMBs, mitigate risk

Bad Actors Are Successful During This Time of Year

You can increase your vigilance with training as well as investing in technology. Bad actors are going to attack – they probably will never stop. We can be emotional and impulsive, which makes us human, but technology can offer cyber security in ways humans may not see. 

Accounting made easy with QuickBooks online. Gain access anywhere.

Accounting Made Easy with QuickBooks Online and More

QuickBooks Online can help your organization optimize accounting and automation. You can easily view QuickBooks Online and all your systems within a single dashboard. As a QuickBooks partner, we can tighten your security and create clear visibility of your various systems to enhance your organization’s productivity.

A blue and white graphic contains a white file folder surrounded by padlocks to represent secure files.

How to Secure and Control the Use of Documents

To help you determine the level of security you have and need, here are three layers to consider: Microsoft 365’s built-in security features, additional security options that enhance what Microsoft offers out of the box, and advanced security options to address the needs of regulatory requirements like HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and CMMC.

Secure your environment

One Simple Step to Minimize Cyberwarfare Attacks

As tensions rise between Russia and Ukraine, so does fear of cyberwarfare. China also has a record of penetrating its adversary’s systems. But there are closer threats than foreign influence operations.  Some threats even come from sources that advise you to keep your guard down because cyberattacks “are not that serious.”  We understand it is …

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How To Make an IT Planning Checklist: Here’s What’s Important

Do you have an IT Planning Checklist? Are you keeping track of developing IT? We can talk through these questions to get a clear idea of why certain items should be in your plans for 2022. We will quickly mention four key areas, and then, if you are up for it, we will go into more detail.  It would be best if you started with your infrastructure because that is the base of …

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