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My interpersonal relationship with Kathy, her skillset, and the skillset of the people at TechHouse are probably the best with which I’ve ever worked in my career.

Joe Casadonte, Director of IT at Schroeder-Manatee Ranch
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Satya’s Keyword is Tech Intensity

It’s partway through Day One of MS Ignite 2019. The day is going by fast, and we’ve already heard several big announcements alongside multiple newer products that got us pretty excited. Each is worthy of its own post, but we’ll summarize them here.

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Data Privacy (and Security): Defend Your Right

Data privacy is a human right to be defended, and data security is the method of defense. Come learn more about TechHouse’s stance on data security, and how Mark Zuckerberg and Tim Cook feel about the topic.

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Cybercrime Now: Passwords Aren’t Cutting It

Passwords are not enough to keep you safe. If you’re saying, “We knew that; that’s why we’re using MFA,” then see the end of this post.   What? Why aren’t passwords safe?   People reduce, reuse, and recycle—their passwords. 70% of employees use the same...

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Cyberthreats in the 80’s: The First Worm

In 1981, a ninth grader planted the world’s first virus. And in 1988, the world’s first worm was released into the internet by Robert T. Morris. Chaos ensued, and then was cleaned up. Read more about some of the first breaches the tech world has ever seen.

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How To Check Your Computer’s Hardware

TechHouse’s Healthy Business and Healthy Lives: Do It Yourself IT Health Checks: Hardware What is Hardware? Think of hardware as the parts of your computer you can physically touch, whether you see them or not including the keyboard, USB drive, printer, the monitor....

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