Anti-phishing, Cybersecurity, and Compliance

Assess. Remediate. Train.

Here, data privacy and security is a human right.

Exercise your rights with expertly designed cybersecurity policies and ongoing support. Help reduce human error with rigorous and ongoing antiphishing training programs, and respond to breaches with urgency. Achieve HIPAA compliance and certify your team to lift your customers’ confidence in you and your business.

Support breach prevention and flourish.


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Analytics & Reports

Make raw data beautiful.

Business intelligence reached a new nexus with artifical intelligence-powered analysis and insights.

Build your organizational narrative with advanced marketing, financial, and operational analytics. Let AI crunch and translate the data into visuals so you can develop unexpected and disruptive insights, and take action so quickly, it’ll feel like you’re in the future… or that you can at least see it.

We can shape, develop, and deploy your ideal datasets and attendant connectors and deliver clear reports for you and your team to take action.

It’s time to rise with AI.


Cloud Estate Management

The foundation of digital transformation.

Now that cloud and as-a-Service have matured, there is much more download-and-go. From migration to transformation to stabilization, we will help you shape your cloud strategy, design and manage your cloud infrastructure, develop and optimize cloud-based applications, and manage and maintain every aspect of your cloud services.

Microsoft’s expansive and integrative platform is flexible, robust, and well-supported by partners like us. With us, journey to the cloud smoothly and securely. Unleash your competitive advantage with a cloud transformation.


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CRM software needs to be as dynamic as the people and processes it’s modeled after.

No matter the stage of business process flow development you’re in–whether you have one tried-and-true, are open to experimentation, or have never even considered a flow–we’re here to help you shape Dynamics 365 to your strategy.


Web Design & Dev

Landing pages make or break.

We’ve got the eye for aesthetic, the web dev muscle, and the way with words–the je ne sais quoi of web design and development.

A good website is essential to your professional image, whether you build a customer portal, an online store, a personal blog, or a basic landing page–or anything else. Let’s get you looking how you feel: strong, reliable, and ready to go.


TechHouse Training Center

Set the pace.

Want to give it a go on your own?

Learn with guided lectures at the TechHouse Training Center.


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