The opportunity is here.

Numerous studies show that 97% of the world’s climate scientists agree: people cause climate change, and only people can fix it. For those who are based on a coast (or a peninsula, like we are), the danger of inaction is high.


I’m just a little guy—what can I do?

Almost all employer firms in America are small business, and unlike lumbering, red-taped, big-budgeted big business, small business can spin on a dime to adapt to climate-caused changes.

Green Tech Automotive* upgraded to energy efficient lights and use a sky light for natural illumination. The floor is sealed with epoxy to stop leaking toxins and is cleaned with a minimum of water and risk of contamination. Oil and other fluids are regularly removed as completely and cleanly possible.

The Perennial* is an elegant dining facility built from recovered lumber. All its parts are sustainable. Their flour is bred to absorb carbon from the air. Kitchen scraps, worn-out menus with their nontoxic ink all go to an aquaponic greenhouse to make compost. The compost worms feed the fish that fertilize the greens they serve. Straws are made of real straw. Only ultra-efficient appliances fill the bright, spacious kitchen. To save water, only premixed cocktails are served. To prepare their delicious meals, they only buy from ranches, farms, and dairies that use “carbon farming.”

Organic Lawn Care* is a family-owned company that uses 10 natural ingredients in their organic fertilizer. A chemical-free lawn spares you the drudgery of thatching, over-watering/aerating/and seeding and the worry over chemicals that might harm your children, pets, and the environment. They also use organic methods to treat shrubs and flowers. They even offer organic mosquito and tick control.

The Green Construction Company* wants to make sure they build you an “energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and beautiful” home. They’ll help you decide on the best way to insulate your home, best heating-ventilation-AC (HVAC), best doors, windows and other green options to conform to the latest building codes and county requirements. In short, they’ll build you a wonderful customized home with local lumber, eco-friendly paints, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) products, and sustainably harvested materials.


Together, small businesses shape economies, communities, and even climate.

And this passion can spread internally. Inspire employees and create a climate-positive work environment.

  • Post a caption beneath Greta Thunberg’s face (preferably smiling) saying “Save Energy! Save Money! Save the Planet!”
  • Stage lower-your-energy-bill contests for your employees.
  • Inspire them to ride a bike to work or use public transportation.
  • Swap old lights and equipment for Energy Star’s best.
  • Don’t travel when you can video conference.
  • Eliminate or combine locations.
  • Carpool.

Love the environment, and it will love you back.


Andrew Parker is an award-winning author whose books are available on Amazon. His novels are Chess Genius, Robots Running Wild, and Reality Gone Wrong. His short stories are The Chess Match, The Escape, Rat Story, On Being Bullied, Creep, Raggedy Ann, and Three Bears Soup. His next publication will be the first part of the Bitch Trailer Park series.


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