"As a small business owner, we don't have any technical support on staff, so we need a technical partner who knows what they are doing and is also responsive. Everyone at TechHouse has been fantastic. Alex is extremely well versed in everything Microsoft and has saved us countless hours of time trying to figure things out on our own or waiting on hold with Microsoft. He has also helped to troubleshoot hardware issues. He is patient and very professional. Everyone has taken time to understand our business and make recommendations that are sensible and cost effective. Instead of dreading making changes and upgrades, I am excited to hear about what is new that can help our business be more efficient and effective. Thank you TechHouse!"

Cara Myers - President

“I am extremely pleased with the on-going support provided by TechHouse. The firm has been not only highly responsive to my occasional technology support needs, but I have found the support team to be highly qualified with the software system products such as Office 365 that are critical to our small business success. On more than one occasion they have demonstrated "above and beyond" support to ensure my business needs are met. The tech representatives have always been knowledgeable and professional while responding to my questions.”

David Anderson - CEO

“I was looking at buying licenses for Office365 from Microsoft, but had some questions about migration, not only with Outlook, but also with some Azure services we had already developed. Alex with TechHouse was able to answer my questions, both technical (migration strategies) and non-technical (advising which plan fit our needs best) and provided me with enough detail that when I did the migration during the trial period that it went off without a hitch. Overall, I am very happy with the Office 365 platform, and I think Tech House had a big role in making our cut over so seamless.”

Gage Trader- US Systems and Logistics

“Extremely happy with the service and support TechHouse provided us. They were instrumental in helping us get organized. The solutions they designed for us fit our need and exceeded our expectations. Their support and accessibility after the products were delivered continue to be amazing. Would recommend them to anyone.”

Dallas Tatum - Director of Operations

“Specifically we appreciated your willingness to work through our issues at any time, positive attitude and confidence, in-depth technical mastery of a wide range of subjects, all crucial to completing this project and clear, concise, and honest communication.”

John V - Motorola

“We always have been tremendously satisfied with TechHouse's services. They are on schedule, dedicated to detail, flexible to last minute changes and available around the clock.”

Karen - Tropicana