working remotely with Microsoft Teams and Outlook

Unique Microsoft Teams and Outlook Features for Your Remote Team

Whether you are new or a veteran of working remotely, Microsoft Teams and Outlook can save your organization time when it comes to communicating and collaboration. The instantaneous interaction that Microsoft Teams and Outlook features offer can restore time and increase visibility for your team. 

workforce churn

Workforce Churn, Limited Time, and Money? Try These Training Strategies

We know the frequent questions about training: Why pay for training if I am unsure of its effect on my team? Should I sacrifice workday hours? These are legitimate questions.

We have worked closely with various organizations and have concluded some answers. With three actionable strategies, training does not have to be a burden.

2G and 3G networks are shutting down as 4g and 5g rollout

3G Network Shutdown: What You Need to Know

Older 3G networks are going away. Why does this matter? If your phone, GPS, or other devices only support 3G, it will stop working when the 3G network shuts down.  

Secure your environment

One Simple Step to Minimize Cyberwarfare Attacks

As tensions rise between Russia and Ukraine, so does fear of cyberwarfare. China also has a record of penetrating its adversary’s systems. But there are closer threats than foreign influence operations.  Some threats even come from sources that advise you to keep your guard down because cyberattacks “are not that serious.”  We understand it is …

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Decisions, Decisions: Microsoft’s New Licensing

Starting this month, Microsoft is rolling out three significant changes to their cloud per-seat licensing, like Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365. There is a temporary discount for licenses before March, a considerable price increase in March, and a new subscription model, New Commerce Experience (NCE), with vastly different payment and cancellation terms. There is a way you can delay price increases for 12 months and save 5% of the total cost. We will provide you with important dates from Microsoft to avoid costly penalties as you move to their new licensing format. Let’s discuss updated NCE information and cover your options for the smoothest transition.