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Accounting made easy with QuickBooks online. Gain access anywhere.

Accounting Made Easy with QuickBooks Online and More

QuickBooks Online can help your organization optimize accounting and automation. You can easily view QuickBooks Online and all your systems within a single dashboard. As a QuickBooks partner, we can tighten your security and create clear visibility of your various systems to enhance your organization’s productivity.

Optimize operations and minimize employee churn

3 Excellent Operational Tips: Standardize and Simplify Your Processes

u are tracking down customer documents amongst a remote workforce. Employee onboarding gets paperwork signed but doesn’t help remote new hires align with a company culture they’ve never experienced. Employees in the field waste precious time driving to the office to drop off paper files like receipts and signed contracts. Microsoft 365 and the Microsoft Cloud as a platform, combined with some configuration knowledge and experience, remove these obstacles. Our blog will cover a few recent examples of how we have helped our customers optimize operations in the Cloud: an employee onboarding portal, a client folder management system, image report submissions for operations in the field, accounting, and operational management.

What To Know in The World of 365

e 365, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Enterprise plans, and Business plans are here to make your life easier, not stress you out. You can decide which subscription best caters to your organization by looking at what each subscription offers. Your time is valuable, so we will highlight some critical areas with the hopes of helping you better understand the world of 365. 

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How To Gain Control Of Your Data With Microsoft Data Analysis

We will walk through the basic features of Excel, PowerPivot, Power Query, and PowerBI to better understand these tools and how they can best help your organization. Along the way, we will build our vocabulary, including ETL, Data Types, Formulas, Aggregations, the role of a few languages used in Analysis (SQL, M, DAX), the benefits of visualizations vs. paginated reports, and the power of transactional vs. analytical databases. With a firm understanding …

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Want to Make Better Business Decisions? Use Power BI

What Is Power BI and Why Should You Use It? Power BI is a tool created by Microsoft to help organizations generate reports and understand the data in their systems. Generating reports and understanding your organization’s data is essential for anyone who wants to make more informed business decisions. Analyzing information sounds like it could …

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