One Simple Step to Minimize Cyberwarfare Attacks

Secure your environment

As tensions rise between Russia and Ukraine, so does fear of cyberwarfare. China also has a record of penetrating its adversary’s systems. But there are closer threats than foreign influence operations.  Some threats even come from sources that advise you to keep your guard down because cyberattacks “are not that serious.” 

We understand it is ideal to allocate funds to other areas of your organization that are not cybersecurity. Unfortunately, cyberwarfare attacks are becoming more frequent. Cybercriminals are clever, even running influence campaigns on the internet to get you to make decisions you would not normally make. How do you protect yourself and not leave a door cracked open for these bad actors?  

Analyze the sources you use to make your decisions. Deciding what cybersecurity defenses to implement is difficult. Do we need to implement multi-factor *(MFA)? Data Loss Prevention (DLP)? A Secure Operations Center (SOC)? Searching the internet for guidance is risky. How reliable is the source? Who are they and what is their motive for guiding you? What are their credentials? 

Reach out to people and organizations you trust and who have demonstrable expertise. Learning from them and what they recommend is critical for securing your environment, and why. Discuss risks and tradeoffs.  

When you analyze who is providing information to you and why — you strengthen your intuition to make the best decision to protect your organization from cyberwarfare attacks. 


Noteworthy information from Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency: Alerts | CISA